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Rebuilding a blog. One post at a time
by Zelak_the_Insane

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Monster Man is sick.


Got a a call at 2:15 from the school nurse. Monster Man was sent to her from the teacher's classroom because he was looking really pale and acting really lethargic in class. Teacher asked Monster Man if he was okay, and he said he didn't feel well, so he went to the nurse. Nurse got a temp of 100.3. Anything over 100 is an immediate send home. He had less than 45 minutes for the day left. But I went and got him, got poured on getting out of the school, and got him home. Get him out of his school clothes, give him some tylenol and send him in to lay down with dad in bed (works overnights, remember?) and his tablet. He's asleep by the time I get back home at 3:05 from getting Munchkin. Went in and checked on him a couple of hours later, and he's still burning up. The tylenol hasn't cut through the fever at all. 


At that point, I woke my husband up, told him I was taking Monster Man to the walk-in clinic for his doctor, and that I was leaving Munchkin here with him, just in case. Get little man dressed in comfy clothes and his flip-flops (because he refuses to wear anything else unless he has to, like on days he has PE), and wrap him up in his comfy blanket, and head to the doc. He plays a little bit with the toys in the waiting room, but when we get to the back and were waiting on the doctor, he laid down on the exam table and was nearly asleep by the time the doc came in. He's got ear infections in both ears, and she said his throat looks like he "probably" has strep. Lovely. 


So, he's gonna get his first official sick day from school tomorrow, a week before his birthday. He's on amoxicillin for the next 10 days, and.....


Oh no. I just remembered something....


He's supposed to be going on a field trip with his class on Thursday. He has to be fever free for at least 24 hours before he can go back to school. If he spikes a fever at any point tomorrow, I'm gonna have to keep him home Thursday. Oh, he's going to be devestated. He's been so out of it today, that I don't think he's realized that. 


Oh man. 

previous entry: I wrote a big entry.

next entry: Adam Ruins Everything

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Oh man! Being sick is never fun for a little kid but being sick and missing out on a field trip is terrible! I do hope he feels better soon! [teanahpea] [reply]