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by valencia

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Upcoming Trip


Happy December!

It has been a while since writing in here. I go on Vacation starting Tuesday. We are going to Texas to visit family. After almost two years I am going home and Ryan is coming with me on this trip. I am excited to show him where I grew up and him to meet some of my family. We have an early flight and right now we are very busy at work and trying to pack in-between my breaks at work. I have a bunch of fun stuff planned also. We have tickets for NASA, an Art Museum and a Holocaust Museum (Not Fun obviously but educational). We are going to visit my mom's gravesite and I ordered flowers from the local flower shop for my mom's arrangement. We are supposed to visit my brother but not sure now because his girlfriend works until closing. (She is a manager at a Target) Understandable but she is off the weekend of so I am trying to see when we can meet. I am also going to go visit my grandmother and have Ryan meet her. Fingers crossed her nursing facility is not closed due to COVID.

We started packing this week because this weekend we are busy with Ryan's mom. Ryan's mom is taking us shopping today after work and then tomorrow we have Lucky's appointment at 2:00 PM for him to get groom before going to the babysitter and Ryan has to help her with a few things also. So on Sunday I plan to do all our last minute packing and also have to get Lucky packed. Lucky goes to the dog sitter on Monday because we have a 5:00 AM flight and have to be at the airport by 3:00 AM. Monday I work also but I am going to clock in early to be out of work by 4:00 PM then we are going to eat dinner and then take a nap from like 7 PM to midnight. Ryan's mom is taking us to the airport.

Also we only owe 200 dollars to the vet! Almost paid off! yay!!!! I need to write a review for his vet because that vet saved his life.
Lucky is doing amazing and we started his advent calendar this morning. He loves getting different treats everyday. I get his advent calendars at Trader Joe's.

Our christmas shopping is done.

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previous entry: Lucky Go Fund Me.

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