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by valencia

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Thanks everyone


I just want to get on here real quick and say thank you everyone, things are getting better. I am settled in the new place, we still need to bring boxes to the place but we will do that once Ryan comes back. He will be back Saturday and I miss him like crazy. We ended up paying the deposit and waiting for my old job to send me my check they had mailed to my old address. Today I stayed home from work because they had my cubicle upstairs and they didn't realize I was disabled so they are moving my stuff downstairs. They hired me virtually and I never disclose my disability because honestly I have gotten discriminated against it. Anyways that is another story. So me and Lucky are just cuddling. I am opening a checking account at a local credit union since I have an address now. So excited! Going to change my address online, and close my virtual mailbox, and then call my insurance and change the address for that. I might as well use the day to be productive. Also my dad is sending me 50 bucks rn so I can have enough gas for the week to go to work, and I need to go buy a few groceries. I figured I will go to Trader Joe's to buy some bread, eggs and avocado, maybe make some tacos tonight. Since hamburger meat is super cheap.

I just miss my boyfriend so much and I can't wait until Saturday.
It seems things are getting better. Cali is super expensive but our rent is super cheap and I am making more money 3 bucks more than my previous job so I know we will be able to save but it is just getting started is the hardest part and I feel like we can never catch a break. Our relationship gets stronger but the outside circumstances just keeps getting piled on and the sucky part is it all involves money. I hate it.

In short I owe my roommate our rent and Lucky deposit. Lucky deposit is 300 and our rent is 1035.00. I need that check from my previous job because then we don't owe to much after that. I would only owe like 300 which is great. I hate hate owing people money like it fucking annoys me to no end. I am super grateful that he was able to help us out of course but I never want to be in this situation ever again. I want to pay off shit, and save money. Ryan also gets paid next week so I am grateful for that. And he has a 2nd job. So I know by next week everything will be paid off to the roomie. Then after that we can start paying bills off. Whew!

Anyways ttul! Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments.


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previous entry: Not having a good time.

next entry: Dead

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