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by valencia

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Life Update


Hey guys,

I have not had a chance to update here but I do post more regularly on my blog if you want to check it out.

Anyways, yesterday I started my first day of law school. I am taking Torts, Contract, and Criminal Law, with a Intro to Law and Legal research class. It turns out my intro class is very similar to the class I took in paralegal school. I am still waiting for the rest of my books to be delivered.

I am still working; got a raise and a promotion and now we are waiting to get a bonus that our boss has told us we are going to get it.

I been having a ton of bladder infections and it turns out some of my urine (yeah TMI sorry), is ending up in my kidney which is damaging it. So yesterday they put Botox in my bladder which is such a weird thing but yep it is supposed to help me and it lasts for 6 months so every 6 months I have to get the injection. Fingers crossed it helps me because I am tired of having bladder infections all the damn time.

Next year in March of 2025 we are going to Europe for two weeks. Ryan's mom is taking us to Paris and London but also we are going to a small town outside of London name Watchet because Ryan's mom has a childhood friend that lives there so we will be visiting her childhood friend. We are also doing Disneyland Paris so it should be fun. Of course we already have a running list of everything we want to do besides Disneyland.

My dad and his g/f are supposed to come visit us in Cali this year. Not sure when but they are making plans.

I been reading a ton of books lately which is amazing because for a few years I could not for the life of me read because my attention span was non-existent.

I recently got tested for ADHD but apparently I don't have it. The problem with this is I have been diagnosed before but that doctor is no longer practicing so I can't even get my test results from her so that doesn't help me. The evaluator did not even meet with me one time just had me fill out a bunch of documents and had Ryan fill out some questionaries' about me. But it came back that I have trauma and that means I do not have ADHD. I call bullshit she is saying that my other medical issues is masking as ADHD; without even meeting with me and also without even looking at my blood results. Which all my blood results has came out normal so who knows. They did send me to therapy both group and individual and also a Psychiatrist to change my meds. Never been to one so I am trying to brace how that visit will go. I am beginning to see the problematic issues with the mental health sector. So fingers crossed she actually listens to my concerns because I really would like medicine or at least change my current meds.

Anyways that is all I got. I got to go to bed because I have to wake up at 7 am to study before work.


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previous entry: Law School!

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