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by valencia

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Life Update


I am finally updating after forever! 

I hope everyone is fine during our lockdown. I am currently locked down with my dog Lucky and working from home. I been home already a month, probebly will be locked down until July I am sure despite my stupid govenor being a dumbass. Luckily my mayor has more sense than our govenor. 

I am currently still living in my little studio with my dog Lucky. I am also completely over Eman after I had spoke with his wife and then had a huge fight with her and so I finally got my closure and it was fucking amazing. I am so happy to be over him though he was so fucking bad for me and terrible person to me. I am happy and free finally and it just feels amazing.


I am also completely in love and in a long distance relationship, his name is Ryan and I am lucky to have met such a wonderful person in my life. 

He lives in Oakland California and I had my plane ticket and Air B&B booked but because of the pandemic I had to cancel my fight and now I am waiting to see when I can re-book it. I am bummbed but of course want to be safe through all of this. I love him so much and in love with him. He is a different kind of man and I love that about him he wants to move to Houston so we can be together probebly next year he will be moving here. He treats me like a queen and actually listens to me and my concerns and it is such a wholesome healthy relationship. I have not had a healthy relationship ever and Ryan i finally got the good guy that is basically my dream man. I am grateful and thank GOD everyday for him. He is fucking amazing. He has my whole heart, he is very into me and I love that it is basically equal. We are not out yet on facebook but we do make it obvious we are together. I have major trust issues of course but do trust him. I love that we are going at our own pace and none of our friends knew until very recently. I wanted to keep this to myself because it is so fucking precious and the world messes up good stuff all the time with envy, hate etc. I did not want to tell anyone because good stuff always gets fucked up but I am finally getting brave with telling people at our own pace and little by little. Our parents do not know yet but he is going to tell his mother because I will be going to visit him soon. Like I said I am in love with him and my dad has not asked despite me asking him to babysit Lucky. Anyways I am super happy and that is all that matters. We have been together since December so it has been a while now that is why I am sharing it here. We met through Bernie Sanders, we both volunteer with the compaign so we met through a facebook group. He messaged me and the rest is history. 

Anyways I will update again later, hope everyone is safe. 



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previous entry: New Boyfriend...

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