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by valencia

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Life lately


So life has been better this year already. I am so in love with Ryan. He treats me fucking amazing. He is the best. Our relationship is so pure and perfect. He accepts me for all my flaws. I started therapy and it has been good for my soul. I love to improve myself. I always feel like a person can always improve one's self. I been getting involved with mutual aid projects in my city and I am loving it. I recently joined DSA and have met so many cool people that are heavily involved in politics and the local community. It is a amazing. All of them acknowledge their privilege and I love that about this community.

I have outgrown so many people that were really negative in my life and have realize that not everyone grows with you however sad that is. I am not perfect for sure but I am the type of person where I have to grow and for the past five years I have had so many growing pains in different ways. Many people stay stagnant because they are scared of growing. It is sad really. We have to evolve as human beings if not we stay stuck. Some people will resort to immature levels but we must not step down to their level. My therapist is amazing she told me I should be more kind to myself and I must admit I need to be. People will try to drag you down sadly but we must not let them. Others have issues within themselves they are projecting on to you.

Oh did I tell you my bf is fucking amazing. Lol I am really just rambling. Oh yeah I got on the waiting list for COVID-19 vaccine. Can't wait to get it.

That is it for now!

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previous entry: Traveling

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