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by valencia

previous entry: Happy Dec!

I got the job!


Today I had an interview with a law firm and it went extremely well then about an hr later, they called me and verbally extended the offer to me. It is a long term temp job thou but it is exactly the thing I need to move me to CA so then I can get settled and find a permanent job. Holy crap! I am still in shock by Jan I will be moving to CA! I am so excited but in it still has not sinked in at all.

They will let me know once my background check comes back when they want me to officially start. I am supposed to get the offer in writing by tomorrow. Ryan is at work but I messaged him and texted him.

That is all I have for rn because I am in shocked. It has not sinked in and probebly won't until I am over there.

previous entry: Happy Dec!

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