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by valencia

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The homes we wanted so bad, they rejected the offer and then decided to take it off the market. This house has been on the market for a year and nobody showed interest in buying it and then we put an offer ABOVE asking price, then rejected it. So damn infuriating. We are trying to buy asap also because right now is a buys market and soon it will be a sellers market. Sigh!
Anyways, we saw two more homes one a townhouse with HOA fees so darn high and then another historic home 2 bedroom and so perfect and beautiful for us. We put an offer in yesterday and they came back and asked how much more can we out and so we gave the max offer that we can go and that is a stretch, they will tell us tomorrow. Fingers crossed. This house needs a new roof and that is it everything else is good.

Anyways our realtor might have a temporary rental home for us just incase we can't find anything, so atleast we won't be houseless.

That is all I have. And also we have disclosures on all the homes that we have seen.

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previous entry: Home shopping

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