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In the Twisted Mind of A twisted Person
by x_explosive_x

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My Visions part2.


The Well

I’m staring at a deep dark well. The stones around the edge are battered buy the elements. I can see patches of moss growing in between the bricks, half of which are missing. I’m guessing that they must have fallen into the well itself at some point. As I take a few steps closer to the edge I can hear the faint sound of a small child, couldn’t be more than six years old, crying. The sound grows louder and louder the closer I get.

When I reach the bricks I reach out to steady myself as I peer down in to the well. As my hand reaches the brick I pull it back surprised at how damp and cold the bricks where to the touch. I place my hand back down onto the bricks and just as I peer over the edge again and just as I’m about to shout down to see if anyone needs help just as a dragon shoots up out from the well and vanished into the empty nights sky. I look around me to see if I can see any trace of the dragon, then I notice that there is a thick mist slowly creeping around my ankles and up the bricks in front of me and into the well.

Then from out of nowhere I herd an almighty piercing scream from down the well. I throw a smallish stone down to see how far away the bottom of the well is. I listen out for the sound of it hitting the bottom but there is still silence 2 minutes later so I start to climb over and start my descent down to the bottom.

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previous entry: My Visions part 1.

next entry: The start of my writing

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