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MyLife! :D
by Keely.

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Being content with yourself is so good....right?


So, me and my boyfriend, Joe split up in June, once we had both left college, the reasons behind.... he is going to join the marines, he didn't think it was going to work with us being away. (Long loooong story short) So this left me heartbroken and lost...with no exageration, I felt like I wanted to curl up and die. So the next few weeks were sleepless nights crying myself to sleep, listening to music that reminded me of him, reading cards off him, looking at presents off him, wearing his hoody etc. etc. Now, I made it clear to him that if this was really happening, that I didn't want to hear from him for a while so that I could get over it....great idea this was! Just didn't work! So after a while, we started talking again, just the general 'hey, how are you doing?' texts. This is just how i wanted it to be, if i wasnt able to be with him, at least i could be friends right? :) Has made me so content with myself, however, there are still those nights when I miss him so much! :) x

previous entry: Learning To Drive!!

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