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*Kate*'s Diary
by *Kate*

previous entry: just a lil something i wrote for all to read let me know what u think

My Fucked up Life As a 25 year old part 2


thinks for the comments of ones who did respond and u all are right as gets/
its just that im not even sure what im doing. His parents yelled today at me cuz i didnt fold there laundry i just put it on the couch, but last time i tried to fold was not right so i was told not to. cant touch the mail when i tried to get my bfs check out of it got yelled at . and today i get yelled at cux i dont clean around house. well what the fuck do u expect u said dont touch anything what the hell. his parents drive me fucking nuts. i cant stand it here. i asked my bf tonight if he wanted me and he would answere yes or no so i guess its something i have to ask again later cuz im still here and hes loves me . i told him it would never be the same between us after he cheated on me, telling everything we broke up when i was at my moms and he was talkin to me the whole time i was there at my moms never told once that he wanted to break up yet he tells me he was seeing anouther girl while i was gone what the hell. and shit i hear all about when i get home. and now its just not the same cuz id never cheat on him ever not even if i had the chance i wouldnt cuz i just dont got the nerve to. i use to maybe but not with him, he knows im mad about that. and i will always tell him that and never let him forget it. . Onward my dogs are not allowed in his parents house at all. have to stay in the garge i had them in our room dad comes out bitchin up a storm but his dogs shed all over his fuckin house and mine are short haired fuck that. thats gay. god ive had worse to talk about in my life but the only thing i do have is the person sleeping right next to me. if he wanted me to leave he would sure as hell tell me to go and he wont. so there must be something there. His paretns suck ive done nothing but try and get along with them. but thats not doing me no good. its like tryin to make satan happy. i just dont get im goood person i love to make everyone happy. but when im told not to touch shit. and then get yellled at cuz i didnt fold the laundry. or clean up the house. what the hell how does make u feel, yeah u know what im sayin, Geoffrey is good to me he just got alot on his mind right now. and im confused with him and ive also told him that. and i want to work it out. i just dont see that happening while we are in his parents house. we dont have sex we dont kiss we dont get efficant at all. and it sucks cuz he says its disrespectful. and cant get horny in his parents house. fuck so i have to suffer i understand but damn i need some love to. i work my fucking ass off siting on my ass at the liquar store. not to hard but i work 9 hour shifts. and its 40 hours but its a job and thats still not good enough for his dad. its not 40 its not good enough. and he called me dumb u arent very smart are you. god what the hell. my parents never treated me like that. im better off livin with my mom but we had no choice to come here. i didnt want to leave Geoffrey and do long distance so i choose to come here. thot it was gonna be okay but i was wrong now i cant wait to get the hell out here his parents are fucking crazy. told us were arent allowed in the front of the house have to stay in our garge apt. god damn i dont think ive ever felt so just hated.
if it was geoffrey and my job id leave right now pack and go, but i cant leave him hes got his issues but i love him and to be honest being 25 i think i should know ive had alot time to fall in love and its never happend till now. and its just something i cant let go of i feel the urge to hold on . but if he lets me go i go peacfully without a fight and i think thats great. and really that tells me i do love him. cuz id get mad and pissed off when ,most guys leave me. im glad i got on this thing love to talk about my bullshit and let people read it. blowing off steam feels good. I just know my parents would never treat us like this if we lived with them ive never felt so unwelcome in anyones house till now. i feel like i stranger here. thats bad. his dad is mean to him and i hate that makes me want to get pissed off but i hold my tounge. i love this man with all my heart and to see someone put him down fuck you bitch dont treat my man like that if your his dad or not. no way. i do everything for geoffrey make him luch when home and not at work i do his laundery get his clothes out for him in the moring for work and normal lazy days' i do all of the house work when had a house. i cook i clean its all me and i do it cuz i love him and i like to. and ive never liked doing any of that stuff till now. So i feel the love for him. he may moody but hes a good guy and i cant let him go. to end this im just gonna say life may be fucked up but you know what can always walk away or fucking deal with it.
Peace Easy

previous entry: just a lil something i wrote for all to read let me know what u think

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Yeah, this is the best place for that sort of thing. Every now and then you get b*tchy people that are like "All you do is complain" blah blah blah, but it's YOUR diary. Use it the way YOU want to!

[Poetic Justice|0 likes] [|reply]

I'm sorry. It sounds so miserable living at your bf's parents house!! I wouldn't want to clean either if they kept bitching at you for not doing it right. Stupid!

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