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*Kate*'s Diary
by *Kate*

next entry: just a lil something i wrote for all to read let me know what u think

My Fucked up Life As a 25 year old


i use to use this bloopdiary long ago. and never liked it but. now i got alot say and i dont seem to have anyone i can tell my bullshit to. so here goes nothing to anyone who cares to read this. Im 25 years if course. and i got a great bf or so i think hes fun cute. smart. treats me great. but hes got issues but who doesnt i mean. he says he dont want to ever get married and thats so immportant to me. and he dont want kids. i dont like that but i love him . he says pretty fucked up shit to me makes me sad. but i cant see my life without him . here i am laying right next to him in bed typing away listing to him snore. cant help to think im where i want to be. but tommrow is another day. but what i cant seem to understand is why if hes got all that i want. and tells me he loves me why cant i get what i want. a family and marrige why is that so hard. but i dont talk about cuz hes just tells me to shush and not. hes great but thats only thing he does that i dont like. Weird i know. but what can i say . im sure some are worse then my life. We live with his parents and that sucks ass. let tell ya his dad is an asshole from hell. sleep past new your fucked. wont let our dogs in his house have to sleep in the garge. and i love my dogs there my babys. he yells and hes scary. his mom is just noisy as fuck. always thinks were geting into troulbe wondering where were going and fuck were both ovr age of 21 good god. lay off. my parents were never that stricted. god. i just hate that. As of right now were tryin to find a house so we can get the hell out of here. My part time job works so far and his full time. just same all shit everyday. when do i get some exitement im gonna contiue to updat this cuz its all i have to talk on so bf dont know i talk cuz facebook everyone knows your bussiness and i just feel like i need to steam off a lil bit so im back on here, making me feel better already.
katie out

next entry: just a lil something i wrote for all to read let me know what u think

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welcome back!

[yo, erin|0 likes] [|reply]

Aww. This makes me sad that your boyfriend doesn't want the same things as you. I know you love him but still, sometimes you have to decide if you guys are working toward the same future or not. If you really want kids and to get married and he doesn't, maybe there's some kind of compromise? I'm sorry that you guys are living with his parents and it's not that great of a situation. Hope you can find somewhere to move out, quickly.

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welcome back

[Katylou|0 likes] [|reply]

welcome. =)

[hollywood whore;Star|0 likes] [|reply]

Welcome back to Bloop (: xo♥

[c'est la vie.|0 likes] [|reply]

Welcome Back!

[davidsengel82|0 likes] [|reply]

next entry: just a lil something i wrote for all to read let me know what u think

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