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GwolfG's Diary
by GwolfG

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sunday rambles


Today has been lovely, no more headless chickens so I think the foxes have moved onto somewhere else, hopefully a shallow grave, I havent worked out how much all this will cost yet, that will be scary when I do.

Yesterday we drove into pickering for some lunch, i dont know if there was something on but it was very busy and full of drunks, they were quite funny though, thankfully they were managing to behave fairly well.

We are going to a cheese and wine party tonight so the little one is at grannies so im sure she will be going from very tired to super hyper when we pick her up in the morning, evil grannies. We ordered some oil for our boiler so we have to pay for that as well which is another horrible task paying for it in one go makes it seem so much more expensive.

previous entry: theme of the week

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