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My Crazy Life!:)
by The Avon Lady

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weird things at work..


so first off we have a huddle about not to talk about other peoples issues,

then the person i sit next comes back from what i assume was a break and says people think she has a body oder issue, 

then 2 hours later i get pulled for the same thing... i was floored i mean i've only been there a week? this is my second full week on the floor. my mind is blown... granted my mom had no water pressure one day, but i stll managed a spitz bath.. and washer n dryer issues so i dont know if that is what caused the complaint but  seriously like two of us? i dont really know what to think about it... and  then someone from work randomly finds me on fb. not complaining just surprised.

 so its just wierd.


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previous entry: employed again..

next entry: Car sucks ...


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Sounds like someone is just bored and reporting everyone for BO..?! People be crazy! x [The RyanStar] [reply]

People are turds. [raen] [reply]