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My Crazy Life!:)
by The Avon Lady

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Unusual Job Interview today...


So i interview for this outbound call center job today.. And i buddy jacked a person (listen to calls that if i got the job i would be making)  Very weird  I mean who does that as a part of the interview process? The HR Person told they had changed their hiring procedures recently... makes me wonder because when i was laid off, other people from my company went there and were hired on the spot... So seems weird to me. 


So should know Monday if i get it. If i do it starts on the 22nd. of April. But i need to find out about days off n things because i do want to go to Avon Convention in New orleans this august. which would mean at least missing 3 days in August.  However, one of my old coworkers says they don't give PTO till you have been there a year...? I have never heard of that... So wierd. 


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previous entry: out of the blue ness....


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