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fart jokes are the best
by raen

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Doctor Who & Technology


So, I am technologically inept. I know there's a way to get the bluray player hooked up to the TV, but the outlet is too far away, and I have no idea how to get it to work. So no one judge me, but I'm watching Doctor Who on my ancient Macbook while typing this entry on my new MAcbook Pro. LOL I'm suffering from first world problems. Let me clarify that the new one is for photography/editing that I do. The old one for the most part just sits on the bench in our bedroom. 


Chris is on a bus to Toronto for some work conference. Who knew the LCBO had so many conferences? He's been working everywhere but at his actual job lately. And when he gets back, he's going to a different LCBO to manage it for a couple weeks. This is resulting in him coming home looking like a zombie lately. He isn't used to less physical work and more mental work. He likes it, but his body hasn't adjusted yet, so he gets home with this sort of glazed look in his eyes. I went through a similar situation earlier this year when I was promoted to Cash Manager. You get used to it eventually.


I fucking love Doctor Who, guys. Like, so much I have a tattoo, but like everything about it is just great.


Please know that I am familiar with camera related technology, and most simple computer things. But otherwise, I am useless. I wasn't raised with technology playing a big part of my life. I was raised on a commune, and while we had a TV, it was rarely on. It only got maybe three channels, and we had chores and preferred to be outside anyway. And given a choice, I'd probably read over watching TV. Unless I have a craving for things like Doctor Who.


Have a lovely evening!

previous entry: Sleepless Nights and Endless Days

next entry: The CIU Blues


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