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U'szo' bolond vagyok!
by vatten mö

previous entry: Brassieres

The day before tomorrow 2021


So, tomorrow is the 33rd anniversary of my mother's death.  If I remembered her more, I think I could grieve her loss more.  I think I grieve the loss of what I could have had more. Just my opinion. I don't get maudlin about her death.  It is what it is...

Speaking of family, I was able to speak to both my grandma and aunt today.  That is enough to make me smile any day.  I also wrote my grandma and a family friend.  Their mail is going out tomorrow in the post.  I paid most of my  current bills today.  It has been a busy "day off".  I don't have much of my stimulus check left now due to bills and paying my grandma back.  (And rent is not paid, or due, yet. I have that covered however.)  Such is life...haha.

I was able to join in on an art session via Creation Station.  Go art!  

Okay, I am out of here....without somewhat risque titles.  Your friendly neighborhood party, Robyn


previous entry: Brassieres

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