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U'szo' bolond vagyok!
by vatten m

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Happy New year!


Hello everyone. Long time no write! How has everyone been?

Funny story, I never posted an entry from january 1, 2018. Oops.  My bad. It did not consist of much anyway.

I have been busy working in the past year. I am getting more into the business side of art lately. I host jewelry making parties. I plan on expanding into cake decorating and card making parties. I have people in my mind to help assist in the latter instruction classes. I have spoken to them about it and they seem interested as well. 

I also am helping out, and getting paid to assist, at a local art gallery. Third grade visits...enough said. I love it. I regularly volunteer at the same gallery every week anyway. 

I had a local business woman approach me to sell my earrings at her shop. That was flattering. I am seriously considering it. I could tell that she was serious and not just blowing smoke up my butt. 

Personally, i am doing well. Grief is not an eternal torment anymore. Yesterday is a good example of that. It would have been my grandparents' 65th anniversary. Both if them were on my mind all day, but i wasn't consumed by sadness. 

I saw a guy with really pretty eyes today while at work. The rest of him wasn't hard on the eyes either. That being said, I did not make a fool of myself over him. That has never been my personality. I may not say anything but i do notice a cute guy. Haha.

Okay, i am headed out of here for now. Vaya con Dios!--Robyn

previous entry: Happy Happy Joy Joy

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Happy New Year! Please give me advice on how NOT to make a fool out of yourself over attractive people... As doing so has been my hallmark for too long. x

[The RyanStar|0 likes] [|reply] is easy. I am reserved and keep things to myself. I fear you fight to be that way. 😉

[vatten m|0 likes] [|reply]

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