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My little slice of the world
by Varan

previous entry: Just feeling melancholy

Dark night for dark thoughts


You ever have a night where you're the only one awake. You can't really be too loud or you'll wake up the house so you just sit there in silence. Sometimes it's not bad other times though you let your mind wander. That can be a bad thing though especially when your thoughts start going down. When you start feeling dark thoughts about yourself. Feeling your self worth taking the hit and wondering what the hell you're doing in life. Who can say other than you? 

previous entry: Just feeling melancholy

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Definitely not alone in the "What the hell am I doing with myself?"

[DulceLionessa|0 likes] [|reply]

Not really.. bc I take a good antidepressant 😂

[Cemetery Dawn 🪦|0 likes] [|reply]

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