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TTDT's Diary

At a Crossroad.


Sometimes I feel if I write, people will know who I am, and for now, I want to stay anonymous.  I'm sure that makes no sense to anyone.


Just need to write, I have a dilemma and not sure what to do. I was with this guy, 3 years,  a lot of ups and downs, he has/had a bad drinking problem, always did stupid stuff when he was drunk.  He got arrested for his last stupid stunt, after that, I didnt want anything to do with him, I was mad he wouldn't seek help while we were together.  Well, the house I'm in, my parents "own".  I still pay rent, and electricity is in his name as well, Well, she is threatening to kick me and my kids out, if I let him come back. I'm guessing she would still have to go through court to legalize it, but I dont want the drama. She watches my kids while I work.  He's getting the help now and he knows the stipulations of his future actions,  I just have no idea what to even do.  


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