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Your #1 Source for Celeb Gossip/News on Bloop!
by they did what?!

Welcome to they did what?! Bloop's place for Celebrity news & gossip.

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TDW?! Staff

Lacy (owner & creator): I was part of the staff on Gossip Girls here on Bloop, but because of the crash it got deleted. I decided to make this diary as sort of a sequel to GG.

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Holly (reporter #1): heyyy. most of you might know me as 'blondehollywood'. i love reading && reporting on celeb gossip to anyone who will listen. it's a guilty pleasure, if you will. i'm a writer by nature, so this is comfortable for me. i will forewarn you, i am prone to post a lot of things on john mayer, because he has my heart.


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Rach (reporter #2): My name is Rach, obviously, but I go by Sphinx on bloop. I am also a reporter for NewsWorthy, but I figured sharing some celebrity gossip would be pretty fun too!

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