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doGEMOSEWA's Diary

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Tomorrow makes 3 yrs to the day!


I won't write much for now. It's just kinda weird, TODAY bloop popped into my mind. So, yeah I pulled the page up and couldn't remember my password, had to reset it. So much has taken place in this world, in our nation since my last entry. 

I'm well, my family, all are well, thank GOD! 

It's just weird that I come here and honestly don't see anyone I recognize. Way back when I first joined which was probably 20 yrs ago... there were so many here and we all had a wondeful time sharing our life stories, day after day, I was able to talk to alot of younger people and try give advice that would help to make their lives better. I prayed with many of them too. 

It's good to have a place to come and share the ups and downs in a person's life. We all just MUST stay safe, they do have many people online with evil intentions. 

So, I popped in to say hello to everyone. and May the good Lord keep you ALL safe. 

Maybe another time, I will write more and fill in more what all, I been up to, since long ago. 

until then.....

previous entry: BACK AGAIN! doGEMOSEWA

next entry: Bloop on my mind

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Welcome back! We are trying to get this place in tip top shape to make it pop again!

[Zombie Greta GarbageStar|0 likes] [|reply]

Welcome back. I was around from 2003 and on...

[vatten mö|0 likes] [|reply]

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