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bratley's Diary
by bratley

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the paine of the world


there is no point in life that you dont want to get up in the moring and face the world you have to put a face on that you don't want to put on you get out of bed  put a face.the world that so messed up that no one can contorl any more why is it that we have to fight evey day to you can  carry on too you fell the paine of it all there nouthin you cant do for it we have to face the musice of it all and we cant stay any words about it.. the world gose areond and then it spens what ways dose it spen? then we have to see it as a face card  and fight off what we have to do and then grown some more there ant no points to get up any more why we cant jest sit back and relax we can we are so confuse from the word that we cant go any where in life to grow on the shoulders thast we take falls  in hole some more we be missing what it is. in the world to we can..

previous entry: life is a show


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