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Tried and Tested
by Taste Tested
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Welcome to Taste Tested! Here you will find recipes for snacks, meals, desserts, and anything in between!

Importantly, these are our recipes. Nothing you find here is just copied from a book or a site. We have cooked these, and if necessary, altered them. Some we have even invented from scratch.

We hope you enjoy them, and we hope we inspire you to get in the kitchen and try things out for yourself!

About the Chefs

Gina is a mother, lover, and kiwi, living in Brisbane, Australia. Almost all of the recipes she uses come from a mysterious dark space at the back of her head, although this year she was witnessed reading a cookbook for possibly the first time.

Signature dish: Lamb Cutlets and Mash
Favourite cuisine: Italian
Couldn't live without: My Slow Cooker

Laura is a sales representative and dog owner born and bred in Brisbane, Australia. She just loves to bake and rarely uses the top of the cooker - except for her morning bacon and scrambled eggs.

Signature dish: Self-saucing chocolate pudding
Favourite cuisine: Indian
Couldn't live without: An Electric Mixer

Sami is an IT Consultant who moved from Lowestoft, England to Brisbane, Australia in 2008. He's been teaching himself to cook for a few years using cookbooks and family recipes handed down.

Signature dish: Spaghetti Bolognese
Favourite cuisine: Italian
Couldn't live without: My Wok (with a lid)

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