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Loving my life as a mommy & wife
by Darenda

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le strike

So even tho ive lived in wartburgfor a while, i still wasn't ready for this. My mom broke her hip a little over 2 weeks ago. The round part in her hip just completely snapped off. The ambulance had to come get her. I've never heard my mom scream like that. So I've been running the house. Taking david back and forth to work, cooking cleaning changing diapers. Helping mom move around and go to the bathroom and shower.doing laundry. Taking care of mom dad brother 3 kids husband and myself. Im going crazy and i see a divorce coming my way soon im sure. Me and david just ain't doing well at all anymore. And im not getting any help from anyone. Im losing my shit guys.

previous entry: .x. One day at a time

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I am so sorry that you're under all that stress [brooke_12] [reply]