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Loving my life as a mommy & wife
by Darenda

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le strike

So, things have been going pretty good as far as life is concerned. Me and David just celbrated our 7 year anniversary a couple of days ago.  It's the first one that I can remember us both being totally sober.  We didnt do anything.  Just made dinner, hung out with Waylon and watched a movie.  


But for the last couple of weeks, I am more exhausted than ever at times. Every night Im having between 3 to 5 nightmares.  Waking up gasping for air because in each nightmare...I'm dying some horrible death.  It's such vivid nightmares.  It's really fucking with my head.  Driving me a little crazy.  I dont understand why im having these nightmares, and i dont understand why in each one im dying in some horrific way, then wake myself up when im gasping for air.  I need an answer to why they are so vivid.

previous entry: .x.Thoughts

next entry: .x.Nightmares part 2


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Are you pregnant? Could explain the exhaustion and the weird dreams. [girlsetsfire] [reply]


1. New stress can do it.

2. Vitaimin deficiency. I think the B's and potassium are key players if this is the cause.

3. Medications: you on anything? Every drug a doctor gives you has the potential to screw with your head and sleep. Over the counter meds can do it also. Certain allergy medicines like Zyrtec and Allegra can cause it too.

4. Hormonal shifts can do it. Pregnancy is a big one. BC pills can cause hormonal shifts which can do it. [K Huerta] [reply]