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Mrs DeJournett's Diary
by Mrs DeJournett

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Seeing as I can't update regularly, or even sometimes, I decided I would participate in NoJoMo 2011. I hope I can do better this year than I did last year. I decided to post the 15 facts about myself I was tagged to do on Facebook.

1) My name is Sara Elizabeth.
2) I have absolutely no idea what I want to be as far as career. So I am not taking any classes right now. I'm scared to make that big of decision. I feel as though I would be stuck with that career choice the rest of my life.
3) I have a sister, 22, who is the mother of my beautiful little nephew. As of today he is 6 days old. I also have 2 brother, 17 and 39. And I have 2 neices who technically aren't related to me, Christina 5, and Onna 4. I talk about them a lot.
4) I am absolutely crazy about this guy, Jeremy. Yes, after 5 years of chasing we are finally together, but he has no idea how into him I am.
5) I'm obsessed with the Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother.
6) I have very very few friends but I am extremely close to all of them. I don't need a lot.
7) I have an extreme phobia of anything to do with Achilles tendons. When I was little, I saw a show where a guy was skiing and became a human snowball, where he snapped both of them. After learning whats happens without them I freak anytime I hit mine on something and I have to take my shoe partially off if I cross my legs so it don't push on it. Even when someone else does it, it freaks me out. I black out, cry, etc. It's bad lol.
8) I also become a 2 year old when I see a needle.
9) Despite that, I have a tattoo and plan on getting more. No peircings though... well, ears but that's it.
10) I am extremely.... loyal, for lack of better word to people I'm close to. It's somewhat a weakness for me. I will do everything I can to help you out, even if it hurts me in the process whether it be emotionally, financially, physically, anything.
11) I have a dog Charley, who has turned out to be extremely expensive. $100 to adopt him, $100 to save his life, and $20 a month for the rest of his life to keep the mange away. (It's demodectic, not cantagious, got his from his mom) But I would never give him up without a fight.
12) I am a big animal person. Everyone always jokes I will be an old lady with way too many pets or that I would run the Humane Society out of business. I'd want to adopt them all! Don't ever let me see you hurting an animal or you'll get your ass kicked. Tat being said, I don't mind hunting if you eat it or something, don't do it for fun...
13) I've always felt like the outcast in my family. I don't get along really well with my sister or my brother, and they get along fine. It used to bother me but oh well I suppose.
14) I have moved 4 times in the last 6 months, and I'm tired of it. Lol. Hopefully I'll be at Jeremy's for a while now.
15) I plan on finally getting healthy and eating right and losing this weight so I can be a little more happy with myself.

And there are 15 random facts about me.

Have a good night!!!

previous entry: .:26:. I'm An Aunt!!

next entry: .:28:. NoJomo - Two

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