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Mrs DeJournett's Diary
by Mrs DeJournett

previous entry: .:24:. Flood 2011 (Pics)

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.:25:. Baby's Gender Reveal!


My sister, Whitney, is pregnant. It's the first grandbaby in the family, well biological, that is. EXCITED!!!!

We decided to surprise her with the gender, instead of her surprising us. So yesterday, mom went to the OG/GYN with her and had the lady tell her what it was. And tomorrow, on Whitney's birthday, we're going to make a blue cake and a pink cake. We'll light the candles on whichever one applies. Pretty cool idea, huh? lol

Anyways, I'm not supposed to know.... but....

IT'S A BOY!!!! I'm gonna have a lil nephew!!!!

More to come later!

previous entry: .:24:. Flood 2011 (Pics)

next entry: .:26:. I'm An Aunt!!

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