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Mrs DeJournett's Diary
by Mrs DeJournett

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.:21:. Birthday Present to Myself



A while ago, I got one of Suki's puppies, Bentley. Loved him to death, although he was onry as hell. Glen, my landlord, busted me with him, and wouldn't take the pet deposit, so I had to get rid of him.

So since then, I've been wanting something else. I still want a dog or cat or something, but that has to wait til I can find another place. It's not like that place is that nice anyways. It's looking more and more like a meth lab lol. BAck on subject, so I needed something I'd be able to easily hide is necessary. I decided on a ferret. I found one for 80 bucks that came with cage, food, hammock, toys, harness and leash, everything. Forgot why, but ended up I couldn't do it.

Jeremy and I went to the flea market last weekend, just to look around. And I saw exactly what I wanted. 2 rats and a cage for $45. The cage was brand new, for $30. So I jumped on it. I named them Spanky and Buckwheat, off Little Rascals. Spanky is the bigger one. He's about a year old. And Buckwheat is an oddball at 12 weeks old. His ears are different than most, as well as his feet. He don't seem that smart either, so Buckwheat fits. Lol. Anyways, here they are:

The picture with two, the one on top is Spanky, other is Buckwheat. The second one is blurry because I had to crop it, but thats Buckwheat. Spanky don't like cameras apparently. Lol. Sorry if they're huge btw.

Actual update coming soon.


previous entry: .:20:. Drama, Drama, Drama

next entry: .:22:. Big Move!

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They are cute, me and my partner have adopted 4 degu's and had them about 4 months, they're a handful but I love them xx

[BabySteps|0 likes] [|reply]

thank you sorry it took me so long to respond I sometimes am very slow

[~~tanited_royalty89~|0 likes] [|reply]

i am happier now then i ever thought that i could be with anyone

[sweetbreeze|0 likes] [|reply]

thats all a person can ask for is to be happy and after my whole life im finally got that wish

[sweetbreeze|0 likes] [|reply]

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