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Steve's diary
by Zombie Steve

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The art of task management


I'm really trying to master being on top of my tasks these days. I've always struggled with organization. I say that like others don't struggle with organization. I think sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that people are born with certain skills, when it actually sometimes just comes down to effort.

Anyway - I'm trying really hard to grow my YouTube channels, to help BloopDiary flourish and to keep on top of day-to-day things. Today, I need to take some pictures of the car we're selling. I'm going to meet with my team and take the pictures at a park. Two birds with one stone, right?

All in all, I'm feeling a lot more organized.

I actually made a video on one of my channel's about task management. The channel is called Dad Bod Forever (lol), and the video is here if you're interested in watching it. Feedback welcome.

I think I'll do the theme of the week soon. Since I definitely have had some moments of feeling old lately.

previous entry: Garage construction

next entry: Help! YouTube critique?

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I have days where I am so organized I'm like "who the eff are you, lady?" and then there are days I can't organize my way out of a sock drawer.....LOL

You like to keep yourself busy!

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