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by Steve

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First entry from the new mobile editor


So I'm testing out the new mobile editor. It isn't available to everyone yet since it's just a prototype. It works well and fits nicely on the screen. This will make it much easier to update my diary.

Also, its 2am. I need to sleep. Lol.

I'm excited for this weekend's staff meeting since we've made progress in so many areas. I think we're slowly edging towards being able to actually grow Bloop again.
(This appears on every entry: If you like what you see, please consider upgrading your account to BloopXtra. I like to keep Bloop running, and the premium subscription helps pay for server expenses and helps justify the time I spend developing it. If you don't like what you see, you are welcome to leave feedback!)

previous entry: Sleepovers

next entry: Long time bug fixed

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oooooo! YAY!

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