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Livin' In Ameeeriiicaaa!
by Steve

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Continuing to work on Bloop


I've been really trying to clean up the Bloop code, fix the broken pieces, etc. To be frank, it makes me sad to see how broken it has actually been. My intent has always been to fix it, but I've never been able to sustain the focus.

Perhaps the worst part is how broken the navigation was. The taskbar, while a necessary change, has just been so lacking in the necessary linkage.

Well, what can you do. It's amazing how time flies by.

I am continuing to work on it. There were so many broken pieces that I've already fixed, and so many more to come like 'download my diary'.


(This appears on every entry: If you like what you see, please consider upgrading your account to BloopXtra. I like to keep Bloop running, and the premium subscription helps pay for server expenses and helps justify the time I spend developing it. If you don't like what you see, you are welcome to leave feedback!)

previous entry: Say hello to ye olde forums

next entry: Bathroom remodel


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I think the Bloop main page needs a big old face lift. New art, new design. It'll make a comeback. [MamaBatty] [reply]

As a 15 year veteran of bloop, i can't really tell you how much i appreciate everything you've done to keep 'er up and going. I haven't been back here in years, but it feels like home. [MC Square] [reply]

RYC: I don't really have a plan at the moment. [squish] [reply]