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by Mark G

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I don't know what to do to make the most of my remaining years. I used to believe in charities that I thought I could help by donating money or doing volunteer work. Some people I know are passionate about animal rights. They go to protests and donate to PETA. The concept of kindness to animals is noble, but I don't really have a favorite charity. PETA spends a lot of the money people donate on administrative costs, like paying their staff. The Salvation Army is anti-gay. I bet you could walk into the office of any of these places and it would be just like any corporate office for companies that make profits. I'm not against corporations. I have admiration for hardworking entrepreneurs, and I know they make a difference by providing people with jobs. I just don't like nonprofit organizations that make people believe their donations are going to a noble cause. I have done volunteer work, but when I do, it seems like a waste of time. My spare time might be better spent advancing my own career and expanding my own business.

previous entry: Life Sucks

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Depends on the agency, the rape crisis center here has an 8 percent overhead cost. THat means 92 percent of every dollar goes towards the victims.


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Ryc: oh really? That's funny, I don't remember that. Oh well.

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