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That's as impossible as nailing jello to a tree <3
by Shar

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A day


I've been sick with some kind of stomach bug for a couple of days and now I'm just raw and not really wanting to eat anything. I thought it was the new medicine she put me on but now I know its a bug since stopping the meds for a couple of days didn't help any and when i started them again there weren't any worse symptoms. She upped my bipolar/depression meds, doubled my metformin, gave me an antibiotic for a kidney infection and a sinus infection and changed my blood pressure meds. So yeah everything kinda hit at the same time.

I just went through my faves list and wow there were so many people on there that either haven't updated in over a year or that have deleted their diaries. Some people I just don't read anymore because its nothing I want to read about. So I cleaned out my list but there are still some people on there I'm not sure if I read or not. (Pathetic huh)

Not much going on, just work and school and Austin.

previous entry: brung??

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