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That's as impossible as nailing jello to a tree <3
by Shar

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A better entry


When I wrote my last pointless entry I totally forgot I wanted to write about school. I've been going for my associates degree in accounting for what seems like forever. I started classes online at the local community college and it was extremely hard. Accounting principles I online was the hardest thing I've ever tried to do. So than for my second semester I took a bunch of random classes that had to do with my major but weren't my main courses so that put me behind at least a semester which made my decision to take a year off easier. So I took a year off, worked my butt off, moved up to crew trainer at work, was given a set of keys, a badge and a new set of responsibilities. Austin was the main reason I took a year off, when he was diagnosed with autism and the neurologist decided to start medication to help with the behavior issues. She put him on a low dose of Tenex which was a disaster, totally turned my kid into a zombie. It was really hard managing at work while juggling calls from the school
constantly that I had to pick Austin up plus trying to pay bills.

August of 2010 I decided I wanted to go back to school and try to catch up on what I had missed. I started with regular classes but couldn't take accounting principles II until January so I was still really behind in my main classes. I passed everything that semester, failed one class the next semester, than this semester I'm passing everything. I sat down with my adviser and realized I'm actually in line to graduate in the Spring, that after this semester I only have English, Speech Communication, Intermediate Accounting II and Federal Taxation left.

You'd think I would be excited. I really am in a way, I'm glad that finally I'll be able to have some sort of degree and not feel like I'm just floating around with no where to go. But after I get my degree what will I do? I can't do very much with an associates degree in Accounting. I can get a job if I can find one that has something to do with business, an entry level job somewhere if I'm lucky. I have to go back to school to get my bachelor's degree at least, I have to do a lot of things. I know I can do it, I know I'm smart enough to do it. I just don't know what I want. I'm not even sure this is the job I want for the rest of my life. I wanted to work in a pharmacy but when it came down to it, it didn't seem like a good road to take at the moment. Its a popular job around here and its hard to get into because of that. All the factories have closed so many people took certificate degrees, pharmacy tech, data entry, medical assistant. All these jobs that were in high demand weren't anymore, so I decided to go into accounting.

So now I don't know what to do. I know a lot of this doesn't seem to make sense, its not really in any order, just my jumbled thoughts. I'm about to be done with school not even sure I know what to do with the degree I'm getting if I can even do anything. I just don't want to work fast food anymore. Its been 3.5 years in that hell hole and I really don't want it to be a career unless I can work for the corporate office. They rarely have turnover at the corporate office though and its mostly family run so I doubt I'll catch a break there anytime soon. Now I'm just stuck. I wish I knew what to do next.

previous entry: I need to get my butt in gear

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