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by shuvanisumire

previous entry: [♥]I am too old for this much drama....

[♥]Writer's block? No, more like writer's A.D.D


A noun is a person, place, or thing.

ARGH. So the drama from the last entry continues as it plays out on myspace. WHEEE. I can tell you I'm over joyed. I sent a message last night with what I had to say on the matter and ended with my phone number for any other questions. I CANNOT stand when people try to rage war on me via myspace. Say it to me!

Anyway, I am off work today which is a blessed event in it's own right. So, I've decided to FORCE myself to work on my proposal. I am currently in the process of writing my first young adult fiction novel. (Yes, it's a romance o_0) I sent a query letter and got a reply back so now I need to write and send my proposal. Oh boy, this has been a task. In retrospect I wish I had written it BEFORE I sent my quesries. Whoopsie.

As much as I love to write you'd figure I'd be done by now but NOPE! I stayed up until 3 in the morning the first night I got a reply and have been sick every since. (wah) So today is my attempt to not only beat writer's block but writer's A.D.D!!! Will I make it? I'll let you know.


previous entry: [♥]I am too old for this much drama....

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happy happy birthday. hope you enjoy today!

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