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Waiting on our Princess
by ♥ Bella

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♥ Say Cheese!


I suppose I am do for a semi real entry and not just one about my puppy issues huh? Well I guess I could do that not that I have anything interesting to say.

I talked to my friend Katy the other day. Her and her husband Herb are expecting a baby come September. Herb already has two boys from a previous marriage so she has really been hoping for a little girl. She went to the doctor yesterday and the little stubborn terd wouldn't move enough for them to be 100% sure what the sex was but the doctor said she was at least 70% sure it was a boy. For their sake, I hope she is wrong lol. I mean three boys is crazy, they would be great with him because they are with the other two now but I know that a girl is what they both want. Maybe it was an arm? and not a little penis.

Today they have another appointment with the genetics doctor. Apparently they both took their blood test and are carriers for Cystic Fibrosis which means they have a 25% chance of having a baby with it. I know how scared I was going to the geneticist and I was a carrier for nothing ( Josh was deployed so we couldn't do his blood ). We just had to go because his brothers baby had died like out of the blue of anacephaly. I cannot imagine how scared she is right now

Josh just texted me. I guess he is at the doctor's right now and then coming home from work. We have all been coming down with something for a week or two now. I have thrown up off and on a few days rather randomly with no pattern and a few other symptoms you probably don't care to know about. Plus the head cold stuff. Josh has woken up with his eyes glued shut with crusties, a severe sore throat, they thought he had pink eye one day but he didn't I guess. Claire, poor little Claire cannot breathe out her nose again and her cough and sneezes are getting worse. It makes me sad because there really is nothing I can do for her until she gets a fever again.

We have a WIC appointment this afternoon. I think I am going to see if they will change our package to have more milk and no cheese instead. They told us we could pay the difference but here they don't put your maximum amt on the coupons so its hard to know without having to do a crap ton of math, that and NONE of the cashiers know how to do it. He has been getting this block American cheese that is 2lbs and we are allowed one so it is just a pain. Plus we have been buying one thing of milk ourselves so it will be better this way anyways.

But I am out of here for now. Hopefully I hear something from one of these two idiotic colleges today. At least that they got my transcripts would be nice so I know that things are getting done on everyone elses end that I have no control over.


previous entry: ♥ Mauer

next entry: ♥ I'm not supposed to freak out?

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Do you have to go to a genetics doctor when you are pregnant?

[Colleen Marie|0 likes] [|reply]

LOL. Yeah, I think applying and getting into college his the hardest part. I don't dare try to call my college I just go up there.

[Simply Rachel|0 likes] [|reply]

Ah.. Are you going to a university or a community college?

[Simply Rachel|0 likes] [|reply]

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