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Sam's Bloopdiary
by Sammy Joe

next entry: My Holiday look

Good aft!


So, this be my Bloopdiary. It's Christmas Eve, and I'm waiting for Liz to come. She should be here anytime now. What are you doing for Christmas Eve, we are having our turkey and ham dinner today bc Wen is busy tomorrow. So, we have to maintain a healthy appetite... which for me, is relatively easy.  

I was bunking with Bees for the last 8 days, and while I love my sister very much, I cannot sleep in that room another night. Too many bangings of doors, and sobbing/insane laughter. Too busy is what I mean. My room is quiet and serene... nothing like Bees & Cyn's room.

Well.. I'd better get ready for Liz.

Looking forward to meeting anyone who comes across this diary.


next entry: My Holiday look

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Welcome to Bloopdiary and Merry Christmas! If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I'm the Community Organizer, Beth.

[Greta GarbageStar|1 like] [|reply]

Thank you. I am Jewish but I do celebrate Xmas to some degree

[Sammy Joe|1 like] [|reply]

So am I. Happy belated Hanukkah! My husband is Catholic so I celebrate both now

[Greta GarbageStar|1 like] [|reply]

That's cool.

[Sammy Joe|0 likes] [|reply]

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