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Happiness is the way.
by saminal

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Good Ol' Entry


I left it a while, because I wasn't sure I'd got enough questions, but then I decided I wanted to write tonight and when I told Gina that, she decided to give me more questions, so now I've definitely got enough.


Yorkshire puddings. I only just vaguely remember this. They did not work, at all. I actually only tried to make one big one, and it just turned into a yorkshire plate and I had to clean the bottom of the oven because there was burnt oil all over it. Fail.

How do you feel about washing the towels and sheets on Sunday and hanging them out? [|stripes|]

I did not feel bad about it at all. I felt really productive, especially when coupled with cleaning the kitchen and doing the shopping. And doing the rest of the laundry and attempting to dye my shorts black again. But when it poured with rain after being sunny and breezey all day I was fucked off.

i want to know where you love living more UK or here and why [e|jaih]

Definitely and without a doubt, Australia. I love this place. I was walking home from the train station today looking at the sunset and thinking to myself what a beautiful place I live in. I love the weather, I love the people, and I love Brisbane. I normally hate cities but Brisbane is quiet and small enough to not scare me crapless or stress me to tears (unlike Melbourne). It's just great.

Do you believe Christianity, it itself, is stupid & that's why you don't believe, or do you just simply not believe? [An Unfinished Lady]

I find that Christianity gives me no good reason to believe. I don't think it's stupid as such. I think a lot of Christians are stupid, but a lot of atheists, agnostics, and members of other religions are too. Christians just get better known for being stupid because they make a big deal about how stupid they're being - the Westboro Baptist Church, for example. That's beside the point, but I did say I'd use the questions as starting points. I don't have anything against Christians or Christianity. It's not for me, but since I don't believe there's anything after this life I don't have any reason to argue with people who don't agree with me, as long as they don't start it. I started thinking independently when I was at University and once I wasn't being preached at three times a week I took a look at why I believed what I thought I did. Once I did that I realised I only believed cos I'd never really questioned anything. I didn't like the way the holes were sewn up - 'If you're having doubts about Christianity, that's not rational thought, that's Satan in your heart telling you lies.' But that's me, and my experiences, and I know a lot of people feel they have a reason to believe that I feel I don't. And that's fair enough for me.

And by "it itself," I obviously meant, "in itself."

Here's a question to go with my error: Do you believe Erica is a complete idiot, or only half? [An Unfinished Lady]

Only half. The other half's a fool.

Killers or kings of leon? kooks or strokes? foos or blink? me or del? xx [kimi]

Killers if I have to but I don't like anything after their first album - much more than I like of KoL though. Strokes, the Kooks are a bit pretentious. Foos, Blink are a bit too obsessed with swearing and Dave Grohl's a very talented man. And I definitely prefer me to Del.

I think Laura has hit the nail on the head with her question

Q1. Can you come and blow up balloons for my baby shower

Q2. If you could have any animal right now, what would it be and why. And lets be realistic. A zebra would not be appropriate for the Australian lifestyle... I'm talking domestic here!

Q3. Who are the coolest people in Aus so far? (The answer better be me and Ty by the way)

Q4. Will you hold the baby when it's born? If no, why? (And if no, you realise you don't have a choice yeah? Spesh when I put her in her zebra outfit and make you hold her for a photo of absolutely cute proportions!) [Genes]

A1. If only you'd asked me before the shower and not tonight! Shame..

A2. A cat. I would love to have a cat. I've wanted one for years and years and playing with yours just makes me want one more!!

A3. It's a toss-up between you and Ty, and me and Laura. But if you mean the coolest people we've met, it's you and Ty. Nobody else here feeds me as much as you do.

A4. Apparently I will. But only when sitting down, surrounded by cushions and if the baby is wearing a helmet. I am way too clumsy. But yes, the zebra outfit will definitely help.

Okayyyyyyyy.............. but I'm not going deep.

What's your favourite thing to cook?

What's your favourite thing to eat?

(Yes, it's lunch time and my lunch isn't ready yet!!! I am hungry!!)

~ [international]

My favourite thing to cook is probably stew at the moment. I love all the mix of ingredients, and I love the fact that for most of it I can just sit down and wait.

My favourite thing to eat is a tough one. I would once have said Lasagne but I've cooled on that now. I think I would have to say banoffee pie. I can not turn down one of those, and whenever I have a choice, I will happily eat far too much of it and gladly spend the rest of the night in sweet, sweet, digestive discomfort.

Ok more questions seeing as you asked nice.

What is the value in a man-date? What do you get out of it and why do you go on them?

If you could be a pirate or a robot, which would you be and why?

Why do you like Leo more than Hunter and Gypsy?

What do you value most about your relationship with Laura, and why?

Pick your fave - Genes or Ty

Are you going to become an Australian citizen? Is it important to you to become one? If you want to do it, would you do it on Australia Day or would you happily do any other day? [Genes]

The value of a man-date is that men are so uncomplicated! You get the bonding and the feeling of being liked, without any of the game-playing or silly rules that you get from real dates. Additionally, when it's meant to be, you just can't not.

I would be a pirate. Robots have no thoughts and my thoughts are very important to me. They also have no tastebuds and those are even more important. Additionally, pirates are AWESOME.

I have always liked grumpy old cats. I'm such an up person that I find real balance in a cat that will barely move if you kick it. Additionally, when a cat hats everybody it makes it that much more special when it likes you.

Laura is the one. That's probably the most important thing about it. But if you want an actual aspect of Laura, it's probably that she is completely happy to let me be myself. In all the time we've been together she's not once told me to change the way I am. And she lets me do what I want without getting jealous or worried. I was thinking about this earlier today as I was listening to a song by the Matches called Chain Me Free, and even though it's not exactly what the song is about the title is good - I don't mind being tied down to Laura because it's not like being tied down (not that we have an open relationship - just that I'm allowed whatever I want, since I don't want an open relationship).

Oh.. I don't know! Ty doesn't feed me but he does take me out. You've never taken me on a brewery tour or cuddled me at the movies, but then.. roast dinner..

I think I would like to be an Australian citizen. I'm not proud (but not ashamed) of being british. I like being "exotic" and having people comment on my accent (if they notice it) but I've got no patriotic ties. On the other hand, I think Australia is a great place and I like the idea of it being my real home. It'll make travelling between the two easier when I've got both passports. As for doing it on Australia Day I'm not fussed. I've never been one for ceremonies, I'd rather just collect the piece of paper from an office and go back to listening to my mp3 player.

So now you all know.

Love Sami xx

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Hate to break it to ya, but you'll have to do the ceremony I had to do it, all by myself!!! I'll come see yours!!!

[GenesStar|0 likes] [|reply]

YAY SAMI ENTRY! I love all the questions ! AND WHATEVER BABY YOU ARE HOLDING SHOULD ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET. Im just saying.. I'd demand the same of any baby I'd be holding. Actually, I've only held one. And she grabbed my boobs lots. Didn't drop her though, yay! ALSO I WOULD LOVE TO SEE A BABY IN A ZEBRA OUTFIT

I am so happy that you are so happy in Australia! I can totally imagine you are, for all the reasons you werent entirely happy in the UK. Please keep living there because I want to come visit!!

Could I become a British citizen? Should I? I dont know if I'd want to, I don't know if I could - and like, I'd be British but I so WOULDNT be. Id sound all American and look all Dutch and stuff

I loved the bit about Laura too. You guys are so great together It's also very cool that you've met Gina and Ty, yay for friends!

also, are you implying that you went to the movies with Ty and cuddled?

[marty|0 likes] [|reply]

brisbane seems like a waaaay less stressful city. melbourne's huge and ugly and scary. but sydney i find to be like twice that plus it's all dirty

blink's obsessed with swearing?

[& skull.Star|0 likes] [|reply]

Lol, some of your answers were brilliant.
Your Laura answer about her being the one was very cute.

[amy|0 likes] [|reply]

I'm glad you like living here so much.

Now you know why I get so annoyed when it rains on the washing. It's very frustrating and it's just dumb being mad at rain.

I love you. Even if you do leave my desserts out of the freezer so they end up like a thickshake and less like icecream xoxox

[|stripes|Star|0 likes] [|reply]

HAHAH, oh, wow....

[An Unfinished Lady|0 likes] [|reply]

RYC: I don't plan on doing much at all my dear! I am about to pop! So will not be venturing too far

[GenesStar|0 likes] [|reply]

lol Laura's question is the best.

You're very smart about your views on religion. At least I think you are anyway, you make sense to me. And yet I'm catholic. lol

Cats are lovely. I'm aparently allergic to them these days which is weird because I used to have one. I will find a way to have another one again some day though...

lol @ Genes feeding you and winning you over.

Stew??? STEW??? But that's boring!!! And not so yummy! Pfft. No, I do not accept that answer Sami, I want you to make me something yummier!

mmm... lasagna is good. I'm curious now... is it just Brits who say lasagne? Because I've heard lasagna in english, so I know it exists! lol But why would you change the a to an e? Hmm.

And what's a banoffee pie?

Men are sooooooo not uncomplicated! They are very complicated! Pfft.

Definitely pirates over robots.

Like being exotic... lol I know exactly what you mean. I really miss that about living in my own damn country! It's kinda sad when I put it that way though...


[internationalStar|0 likes] [|reply]

I want to do an entry like this, sometime. It seems like it would be fun to work out.

And glad you're loving Australia! I can't wait to get back and I definitely can't wait to be able to show Fallon around.

[CWB|0 likes] [|reply]

Wow, I can't believe there's an atheist circle here on bloop!

[~Tak~|0 likes] [|reply]

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