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~R~'s Diary
by ~R~

previous entry: Remember me? (Out of Focus)

update-ish on Out of Focus


yeah still putting my old name in the subject hoping someone will find it.

I went to England over the Holidays, just got home tuesday.. Been crying ever since.

Too much to say about all that, and not enough energy to type it.. Almost lost a friend for good recently..and im lucky that she is giving me another chance... thank you for mean so much to me.

That bit said, Im home, alone, in this piss hole in the middle of winter...and i wish i could be anywhere else.

Hospital may be coming soon..

previous entry: Remember me? (Out of Focus)

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ryc: ive told you to call me. i never once said no. but of course, miss dani is there so most likely you will be spending your time with her. i understand. just dont lie to me again! good night.

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ryc: like the email i sent to you. i can not call you unless if i am home at parents. stop making excuses. if your gonna ignore me & then want to talk..thats your choice but it would be my choice to not put up with this shit.

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Happy 33rd Birthday! =].

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[Lady Harley QuinnStar|0 likes] [|reply]

Happy Birthday O_o
Hope to talk to you soon!

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