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by br!na

previous entry: why is the rum always gone?

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whats wrong with me?



today is not a good day for me to babysit. good thing mel is here with me. everything these kids do gets on my nerves. i just need quiet. but the thing is, these kids have never been made to be quiet, so they dont know how!
ive had heartburn for days and i cant stop peeing. the weird part is, when it hits...theres no holding it. and its getting really old and annoying. im afraid i have a uti or something. doesnt explain the heartburn tho. and im out of tums and milk. grrrrr.
luckily the kids are going to my sisters tonight. unfortunately its because paighton has surgery tomorrow morning to have tubes put in her ears. we have to get up at like 4am to take her.
ugh i guess i need to get ready to go grocery shopping.
i just want to go back to bed!

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previous entry: why is the rum always gone?

next entry: my cousin, the murderer?

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Heartburn & peeing all the time? Sounds like ur preggo!!!
Kids bugging you for unknown reasons? Sounds like you're preggo & welcome to motherhood w/someone else's kids!!!! lol been there done that and I know it's frustrating babe I only dealt with it 2 years before I moved 1500 miles away lol .. Sorry you're having a hard time hun, I hope to hear some good news about you or Mel soon and I know it's cleche' but just hang in there <3 ya!!!

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