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by br!na

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thank you


i love my online friends

thank you for all of the get well comments! you guys are awesome and im glad i have such great online friends!
this is hell. i hate depending on people. i like doing for myself. since my dad brought me his crutches, i can get around a little better. im still getting used to them though, never used crutches before. i fell again yesterday, hurt my foot again. but i will get better with them.
i broke down and cried last night. this is so frustrating. and i dont know if i can handle it for 2 months. i hope it gets better. i have a followup appt with my doc this wed at 2:30. hope she says its healing well!
well....headed to pay bills. have a good weekend bloop!

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previous entry: cant handle this

next entry: to the person that commented on my last entry...

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Did you find a boot somewhere??

[mae_mcawesome|0 likes] [|reply]

Yeah I forget what she did to break it lol something silly. She's pretty tough, she said they didn't give her pain meds but she doesn;t remember it hurting that bad. This is also the woman who had a double mastectomy and was back to work two weeks later.

[mae_mcawesome|0 likes] [|reply]

I dont see why you are trying to bring a child into this world if you can't even afford your own medical expenses. How do you plan to pay for the birth? How do you plan to pay if your child gets sick? You talk about not being able to pay bills, or that you guys are having a hard time... so whos going to pay for diapers, formula, baby clothes, a crib, a car seat. Are you going to rely on the state, do you figure that people tax money will provide for you and your child? You have mentioned that your wife doesn't seem interested in having a child and now your forcing her to get pregnant? I hope that you are unable to concieve, the last thing this world needs is another set of parents unable to financially care for a child.


To that rude comment.. I hope I don't know you because that's just wrong for you to say. Couldn't you have just kept how you felt to yourself? Her business is NONE of your business.

[a mother's journey*Star|0 likes] [|reply]

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