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by br!na

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sometimes its ok to lie..


to make people feel better

me and mel went out tonight. we had to get away for a while. be alone. it worked. we had a wonderful time! until we got home.
while we were out, i bought a couple of pairs of pants. only because they were $2 a piece. and when i got them home and tried them on, they were a little tight. and i have a little muffin top. i get upset over that. i want to lose weight, but with a broken foot, theres not much i can do. i complain about it. which is what i did tonight. and melissa tells me that yeah, ive put on a few pounds. but anyone would if they couldnt get up a lot.
true, but not what i wanted to hear! she is such a guy sometimes. tip: sometimes it is okay to lie!! or at least not speak the truth.
i cant wait for my foot to heal. all of my extra time will be spent at the gym, or walking at the park!!!!

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previous entry: I'm on Topix!

next entry: why is the rum always gone?

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Honestly, watch what you eat. It's a hard habit to get into, but it's worth it.


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