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by br!na

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im a boring person..



ive been laying in bed all day. mel had to work and my cousins had to take their son to the doctor. i dont like being in bed and not doing anything. but since im still not completely used to the crutches, mel doesnt want me up and around while im alone just in case i fall. im only allowed up to go to the bathroom. lol she was even gonna call in today to stay home with me, but i wouldnt let her.
my friend at the animal shelter says she wants to hire me. i told her i will have to see how limited i am when i get my walking boot. i really want this job. and she says she doesnt want to hire anyone but me. but im not gonna tell her, yes i will do it and then not be able to. im not that kind of person. in the shelter theres a lot of moving around and getting on your knees to clean pens. i know i will be able to get around somewhat better with a boot. but i still wont be able to put a lot of weight on my foot, and i will still have to depend on crutches for a lot of things. and i really dont want to let her down.
you never realize just how boring you are until you're left alone with yourself. lmao. when im alone i like to do things. turn the music up and clean my house, get a shower, get all fixed up for melissa, cook dinner. i hate not being able to do those things. hell, just to take a shower i have to have someone put my shower chair in the tub for me so i can sit down. it sucks.
oh well...maybe my cousins will be home soon to keep me company.
happy monday bloop!

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previous entry: to the person that commented on my last entry...

next entry: I'm on Topix!

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Broken is no fun place to be. I was stuck in a damned wheelchair for like 10 weeks and I can vouch that you go a wee bit crazy after awhile with yourself. Hopefully the boot treats you well so the shelter'll work out.

[Doing DallasStar|0 likes] [|reply]

Ugh, being stuck with yourself sucks. I prefer to lose myself in the internet if I'm stuck in one place all by myself. Trouble with that is, it gets addictive, and then I don't want to interact anymore. Don't go there, girl.

[polywogStar|0 likes] [|reply]

good luck with the animal shelter job!

[vanna.|0 likes] [|reply]

I would hate to be alone with nothing to do! I would go crazy.

Good luck with the job.

[holyemoly.Star|0 likes] [|reply]

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