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by br!na

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help! leech family moochers!


a heart divided

i love my family and i would do anything that i am capable of for them. but what do you do when your family takes advantage of you?
my cousin, his wife and their 4 children have been living with us since feb. i told them before they moved in that it would be short term. its now the end of july and they are still here. last month we all decided it would only be fair to split all of the bills, except our personal ones. that came to $452 per family. (just an estimate). it was supposed to start immediately. they ended up not being able to give us all of their half last month. but said they would pay us more this month since the way the pay days fell, amanda gets 3 checks this month. we only got $100 with her last check, she said she would give us the rest of it with tracys check today. yeah, we got $100. they are taking advantage of us because they know we will make up the difference. we dont want things to get shut off. but we can only make up so much. with all 6 of them being here, the bills have more than doubled. and we dont make enough to pay everything. plus i have had to miss a lot of work lately. i have an abscessed tooth. and trust me, its the worst pain i have ever been in.

i just really dont know what to do! how do you tell family to pay up or get out?? and honestly, i would probably have the money to go to the dentist if they were paying their part of the bills. instead im sick, in pain and missing more and more work.

any suggestions?

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previous entry: i hate feeling sorry for myself.

next entry: im still alive :)

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Oh, wow. I'd just say, "There are SIX of you, and only two of us. These things benefit all of us. We can't afford to cover twice again the cost we incur. If you don't help us with those costs, we can't afford to have you."

[polywogStar|0 likes] [|reply]

Write up a formal contract. And make sure that you write in it that if they cannot comply, you will give them a 30-day eviction notice, and that with be the end of it.

[.Amber.Star|0 likes] [|reply]

im just glad ur still alive. ive been worried about you!!

[spanna|0 likes] [|reply]

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