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by br!na

previous entry: Greyson was finally born!!!!!!! (pic)

catching up.. (PICS!!)


So, a lot has happened in the past couple of months! Greyson only spent a few days in the hospital. And we started keeping him the minute he came home!! When he was about 2 weeks old, he started getting really sick. He wouldn't hold down any formula. He was literally projectile vomiting every single ounce up. Shawn and Dean took him to 4 different doctors and everyone say it was normal. Everyone said nothing was wrong with him and that shawn was just sleep deprived and being ridiculous. This went on for three weeks. Every week he just got worse. He stopped having dirty diapers, and when he would pee, there was blood in it. Again the doctors said that he was constipated and that's why there was blood in his urine. Finally after three weeks they took him to a small emergency room and they said something was wrong. They ran the tests that they could and then sent him to the Nashville children's hospital! By the time they got there Greyson was unresponsive and almost brain dead. The blood in his urine was from his kidneys starting to shut down. They found out he had pyloric stenosis and did emergency surgery. His pyloric muscle was enlarged and wasn't letting anything into his stomach. He was literally starving to death. The pyloric muscle in a 3 month old is supposed to be 3 cm. His at 6 weeks was 6 cm. That was when he first got to Nashville. Within a 10 hour window it had over doubled to 12.9 cm. The doctors said if they hadn't done the emergency surgery when they did, the muscle would have crushed his insides and blown out his stomach. Luckily, they got it just in time. He's 9 weeks old now and doing great!!!! And shawn and Dean are getting a lawyer to sue the doctors that almost killed their son!! I will post pics of Greyson on here. He's started focusing on things and trying to figure out what his hands are! :) He is definitely an amazing little boy! And we are lucky to have him in our lives!!!

previous entry: Greyson was finally born!!!!!!! (pic)

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Gosh what craziness the poor little guys has been through!

SO glad he is doing okay now!
(Unfortunately, the vomiting IS normal, so they probably thought nothing of it to be honest. A LOT of babies have GERD, which they throw up a lot with. Both of my babies were projectile vomiters every time they ate...and not just for a few weeks, but months. So glad you guys were vigilant!)

[.Amber.Star|0 likes] [|reply]

Wow! That's a lot for a young baby to go through but I'm glad he's ok! He's precious. I would definitely sue the crap out of those doctors.

[A.Classic.Disaster|0 likes] [|reply]

poor bubba.

[spanna|0 likes] [|reply]

wow Id be suing some doctors! He is adorable!

[Mama Vanna|0 likes] [|reply]

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