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I fell Off The bike of Life and Busted my Ass
by [.:Shelbi:.]

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Harlot of Whiskey


It's alright, love.
It's okay.
You hardly mattered

And what I've lost,
I never did find.
Tripped over an Irishman,
then got left behind.

It's alright love,
it's okay.
I saw this coming

And I'm used to this,
of things falling out.
Caramel skin, alcohol,
tend to help one forget one's doubt.

It's alright love,
It's okay.
You taste like ash when I'm sober,

And for you,
I got confused too.
what you've drug yourself through.

It's alright, love.
You can leave.
It's okay.

I didn't believe,
you'd stay this long anyway.

next entry: Gainesville

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I'm not a wasn't just pot. Perhaps if you asked instead of assumed, you'd know that. But thanks for your input, regardless.

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