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Templates & Tutorials Galore!
by Project Service
An introduction.
Project Service is the place to find tutorials for HTML, CSS, Photoshop, and much more to spiff up your diary and spark your creativity. You'll also find basic layout and CSS templates if you're just beginning, and some interesting coding tricks and compatibility tips if you're an experienced coder.

And the best bit? Anything provided in this diary is free of credit. A link back is always appreciated, but by no means required.

Feel free to request a tutorial or template, and we'll get to it as soon as possible. =)

This diary is run by members of the service association.

Teresa - lithium layouts.
Beth - Starry Nights, & Co.
Jessica - Designs by Jess
Jaime - afterlife;designs
Helen - eye candy [designs]
Keri - london love inc.

Useful links.
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Link us.
Here's how you can thank us for what we do! =D

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Project Service

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