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Outside of time
by powerofwhy

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Fireflies and a photograph


I am still alive here, been a while since I have written. Doing a lot of visual art here, painting and mixed media in the wee hours of the weekends with an assorted cast of people, ghosts, and gods. Had a show in April and may have another in August. In talks with local musicians about doing some live painting with them, been a while since I have been in front of an audience and I miss that. I spread color, stretch canvas, carve stencils, always busy with the hands and twitching around in the mind.

Lee is traveling doing shamanism shows, but bewitched by a narcissistic old sorceress and avoiding his old friends. Mr Thin staggers into the house of why once in a while to do music. He is back on heroin again, he sits on the office bench in sunglasses, shoots his pre-cooked syringe and plays guitar until the headaches kick in and he has to go back home for another fix. He used to be the kindest among us but is losing his heart and hurting others. But that is a story for another time.

Have made some new friends, artists in a nearby town living in a trailer park and painting up the city, eating mushrooms and dust. I gave them some stencils to use. They remind me of myself 10 years ago the way they trip and paint and go on adventures. However they are watched by bored small-town policemen and I fear the day their paradise is raided.

It is time for a change here, we are going to move away from the welfare city. We are discussing a move to the east coast, somewhere near the shore. Not sure there would be much of an art scene there but I could do live paintings with local musicians for drunk tourists in the summer, and skype paint with friends in a winter bunker.

Those are my plans, that is my world right now. Below is a picture from last week, getting older here. How are you?

previous entry: Resolution, Revolution, Restitution and Liquor Shots

next entry: Five Years


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Charleston, SC man. Extremely rich in history with a great arts scene. Also right on the coast. [Music God CJ Plain ] [reply]

A lot can happen in 5 years. I wonder where you are and what your life is like now. I doubt you'll see this. I think about you randomly every now and then. I've even seen you in strangers. You were my favorite to read, though far and few between. [Evidence Of Joy] [reply]