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Outside of time
by powerofwhy

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Catching up with old friends - sex, drugs, and accidents.


Has been too long since I have been here or in the world of writing. Some things have changed and some have not. E is still sick, a little worse than last year. My son Julian is 7 and has been diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome by 2 doctors. He is struggling in public school, meeting regularly with therapists and us and committees of teachers on how best to manage his education. I have been learning Spanish and Japanese and doing a lot of artwork. Firemass magazine contacted me about sending some work in for their new issue, and my submission packet has been sent.

I reconnected with Mr Thin and have visited him a few times. We discussed doing some music again, and may eventually. Mostly we get together and he snorts pills and we talk about old times. He is back on a diet of H and M, shooting heroine a couple of times a month and snorting methadone the rest.

Mr Thin is living back in the damp basement at his parents house where a couple of bands we've been in together have practiced. He lives with Beaker (his agoraphobic girlfriend who works as a consort in second life) and a tribe of cats. Thin and Beaker have an open relationship, they occasionally swap with couples or make arrangements to travel and fuck. However, sometimes these arrangements do not work out. This is the story of their last hookup attempt (not for the squeamish) -

Think and Beaker met the Smiths online and set up a meet and greet with intimate potential. However, The Smiths looked older and much more unattractive than their profile pictures, which was the first red flag. The Smiths enlightened Thin about their love for gloryholes, they love to go to public restrooms as a couple and sit together in a stall with a hole all day waiting for arrivals to service. They also do not believe in condoms, saying "I don't go for that latex stuff."

This is probably the only situation I have found where something is too extreme for Mr Thin. He excused himself and went to the restroom to ponder how to get rid of the Smiths. In the bathroom he saw a glycerine, which is a sort of suppository which will make you go number 2 right away. So what Thin did (something that would not have occurred to most of us) was to insert one of these glycerines and make a b-line back to the basement where Beaker and the Smiths were.

He reached the basement and sat on the couch with the Smiths. Just as music reached a quiet point in between songs and the Smiths were telling the story of their trip to Germany and how awesome the glory holes were there the glycerine kicked in and Thin went. He said "excuse me, I'm sorry" and began running back up the stairs to the bathroom, with shit dribbling down his leg and onto the stairs in drops. He took his time cleaning himself in the bathroom and when he got back to the basement the Smiths were gone. To this day he and Beaker have never spoken of this incident or of the fact that Thin had caused this on purpose.

And that is the true tale that Thin told on our last meeting. That is why I keep in touch with him, for the stories and the strangeness. Who is the most interesting person in your life? What is their story?

previous entry: Loves company

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